Welcome to my home ~郭大路

Welcome to my home ~郭大路

2007年11月5日 星期一


Mississippi在1975年紅遍全歐、美、澳、亞,尤其是在荷蘭,可說是無處不在,皆因主音歌手Toni Wille是荷蘭藉人仕,與二位妹妹跟四位男仕組成pussycat 前已在荷蘭薄有名氣(業餘女樂隊),荷蘭雜誌的"國憲報"獎,她在1989年為"最佳女鄉村歌手大獎。 次年相同的結果,1991年,她成為最佳女歌手,為連續第三次。

Where you can hear a country song from

someone play the honky-tonk guitar

Where all the lights will go out one by one

the people join the sun and the wind takes it away

Where the Mississippi rolls down to the sea

and lovers found the place they'd like to be

how many times before the song was ending

love and understanding ev'rywhere around

(Chorus): Mississippi, I'll remember you

whenever I should go away I'll be longing for the day

that I will be in dream there again

Mississippi, you be on my mind

ev'rytime I hear this song Mississippi roll along until the end of time

Now the country song for ever lost its soul

when the guitar player turned to rock & roll

and ev'rytime when summernights are falling

I always will be calling dreams of yesterday.