Welcome to my home ~郭大路

Welcome to my home ~郭大路

2007年12月4日 星期二

How can I tell her - Lobo

61年加入樂隊The Rumours,之後63年又加入樂隊The Sugar Beats,浮沉多年之後遇到制作人Phil Gernhard賞識,於71年首次推出個人大碟,在七十年代的事業算是高潮,雖然當年在美國本土不算最hit的singer,但在香港卻非常受落,多首歌曲唱到街知巷聞,尤其是在校園裡更受歡迎。

Lobo - How Can I Tell Her

She knows when I'm lonesome.
She cried when I'm sad.
She's up in the good times.
She' s down in the bad.
Whenever I'm discouraged.
She knows just what to do.
But girl, she doesn't know about you.
I can tell her my troubles.

She makes them all seem right.
I can make up excuses.
Not to hold her at night.
We can talk of tomorrow.
I'll tell her things that I want to do.
But girl, how can I tell her about you?
How can I tell her about you?

Girl, please tell me what to do.
Everything seems right
whenever I'm with you.
So girl, won't you tell me.
How to tell her about you?
How can I tell her I don't miss her

whenever I'm away.
How can I say it's you and I think of
every single night and day.
But when is it easy
telling someone we're through
.Ah girl, help me tell her about you