Welcome to my home ~郭大路

Welcome to my home ~郭大路

2010年4月2日 星期五

The Thunders - She's in Hong Kong

1968年澳門樂隊The Thunders 灌錄了這首hit song,試用一段短片配上這首幾乎被遺忘的旋律,非常有懷舊feel....

She's in Hong Kong

After a long search I've made around the world
I met a girl in Hong Kong
She's the nicest girl in this world
So to her I'll belong

I had many girls from other countries
But none of them were my right one
The one I love is staying in Hong Kong
So I sing a song, a happy love song

Now I have someone to call
Now I have a true love to fall
She's everything good for me
And my love for her
Is bigger than the sea

I got no words to tell her
Cause I'm happy as could be
I really have fallen for her
As you all can see