Welcome to my home ~郭大路

Welcome to my home ~郭大路

2008年1月13日 星期日

Those Were The Days~~Mary Hopkins

Mary Hopkin 生於1950

學生時代己組成The Selby Set & Mary業餘民歌樂隊 ,

1968年是 Mary 歌唱生涯的開始,當年在嬴得電視歌唱比賽冠軍,

即晚被Apple Records賞識並且與Paul McCartney約定次天試音,

共試錄8首歌曲,而其中一首~Those Were The Days被選中為市塲試金石,

由Paul McCartney監制發行single細碟相當受落,

就此奠定Mary Hopkin的民歌型像,

展開歌手生涯.雖然Those Were The Days不是第一位唱者,


Those Were The Days -- Mary Hopkins

Music & Lyrics : Gene Raskin(1960)

Once upon a time there was a tavern

Where we used to raise a glass or two

Remember how we laughed away the hours

And dreamed of all the great things we would do

Those were the days my friend

We thought they'd never end

We'd sing and dance forever and a day

We'd live the life we choose

We'd fight and never lose

For we were young and sure to have our way.

La ......Those were the days, oh yes those were the days

Then the busy years went rushing by us

We lost our starry notions on the way

If by chance I'd see you in the tavern

We'd smile at one another and we'd say
(Those were the days my friend.......)

Just tonight I stood before the tavern

Nothing seemed the way it used to be

In the glass I saw a strange reflection

Was that lonely woman really me
(Those were the days my friend.....)

Through the door there came familiar laughter

I saw your face and heard you call my name

Oh my friend we're older but no wiser

For in our hearts the dreams are still the same