Welcome to my home ~郭大路

Welcome to my home ~郭大路

2009年2月21日 星期六

Slip and slide ~laura allan

slip and slide

la la la la ....
I got up a little late this morning
had some trouble getting into the swing
Im feeling like a hlium balloon
and someone let go of the string
oh no Im up in the clouds you better tell them
Im out for the day
cau's there is no way down cant get my feet

on the ground I keep slipping and sliding away
oh oh oh oh slip and slide away
I go oh oh oh slip and slide away
I go into a dream
now they say that dreams are just for fools

when I bet cha fools made up those rulesso
Never mind what they say just
slip and slide away
cau's its okay
so whenever you feel a little crazy
Oh maybe too many things on your mind
just clear a little place for your dreams my friend
leave your trouble behind