Welcome to my home ~郭大路

Welcome to my home ~郭大路

2009年9月21日 星期一

Middle Of The Road

這首CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP當年嚮片大街小巷,大眾歌迷將頭兩句歌詞改為豉椒排骨飯、我要加隻疍。

Talk of all the USA


Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum


Do you recall
some years ago ?
Up in the mountains that were white with snow
inside a cavern
McDougal he was plannin'
there's gonna be a showdown with somebody he knows.

Well he's been there
a year or so
something will happen very soon I know
I hear him playin' his bagpipes every mornin'
I think that it's a warmin'
he's gathering the clan.

Soon you'll hear the sound of people shouting
you will see the claymores in their hands
if you knew the reason for their fighting
you would never understand.

Tweedle Dee
Oh Tweedle Dum.
The tune McDougal always used to hum
While he was fightin' his rival clan McGregor
Dishonour he would never
the tartan of his clan.